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Gladiators pray for a miracle

The Brave Gladiators lost 2-0 to the Twiga Stars at the Sam Nujoma Stadium on 21 January.The Brave Gladiators will be praying  for a miracle as they seek to overturn a 2-nil deficit when they take on the Twiga Stars of Tanzania in the second leg of the African Women’s Championship leg in Dares Salaam on Saturday
The Brave Gladiators who lost 2-0 in the first leg when the two teams clashed a fortnight ago at the Sam Nujoma Stadium, is said to be better prepared for the upcoming match.
Jacqueline Shipanga, coach of the national women’s soccer team, said that the only changes she plans to makes is to bring in more U/20 players as the senior players did not step up in the first leg.
“They seemed nervous and could not settle in for some time during the game,” she said.
Shipanga further said that the inactivity of the players because of the off season might have contributed to the loss as the players were either overweight or seem to have nutritional problems which affects the loading of the exercise.

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