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AstraZeneca vaccine for people who have already received first dose – official

AstraZeneca vaccine for people who have already received first dose – official

The Ministry of Health and Social Services confirmed that 75,000 doses of AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine from the Netherlands were received on 8 August but stated that these vaccines are earmarked for people who have already received their first shot.

Ben Nangombe, MoHSS Executive Director in a statement this week said since the arrival of these doses, many vaccination sites are inundated with queries and demands from first timers who would like to get AZ vaccine.

“We appreciate the increase demand for vaccination, but we remain mindful of the need for individuals who have already received the first dose to complete their vaccination schedule, and be fully vaccinated for enhanced protection,” he added.

Nangombe said that districts should prioritize clients that come for the second does of AstraZeneca vaccine and that other eligible clients should be encouraged to take Sinopharm vaccine instead, which is available in adequate quantities and equally effective.

“Vaccinations should prioritise clients being at risk of COVID-19 infection, severe diseases, hospitalization and death, such as persons with comorbidities, person over 60 years of age and persons with disabilities,” he explained.

He further stated that doses of AZ remaining at the end of each day or session should not be wasted but rather be administered to the first timers on the basis of availability to ensure that every single dose is used and no client should be turned away without vaccination, he emphasised.

“All enquiries related to COVID-19 vaccination should be directed to call center 0800 100 100, WhatsApp number 085 110 0100 or Ministry of Health and Social Services’ Public Relation Officer at 061 203 2054,” he concluded.


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