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Private sector supports Kindergartens in Katutura’s informal settlements affected by lockdown

Private sector supports Kindergartens in Katutura’s informal settlements affected by lockdown

During the lockdown, Capricorn Group and its subsidiary company Entrepo Holdings, the Capricorn Foundation, partnered with Step out of Poverty through Education, Encouragement and Support (S.P.E.S.) charity to improve the lives of vulnerable children.

The impact of COVID-19 has exacerbated educational challenges across the country.

The effect has put even more pressure on pre-schools in the informal settlements of Okuryangava, Havana, Hakahana, Otjomuise, Greenwell Matongo and Katatura, where S.P.E.S. charity operates.

The charity has been involved in the communities for over 14 years and supports 25 informal pre-schools, nearly 1700 children, and 80 teachers.

These children grow up in circumstances shadowed by multidimensional poverty, hopelessness, abuse and neglect. The pre-schools, usually reliable on sponsored resources, experienced a scarcity of resources for both children and teachers in the community. That is why the Capricorn Foundation has contributed N$240,000 towards the S.P.E.S. Charity Relief fund, strengthening the charity’s capacity and supporting the most vulnerable community as they cope with the negative impact of the pandemic.

“During a season like this, the deepest core of humanity is revealed. We need each other like never before, and each act of kindness makes an enormous impact. We are deeply touched by the sponsorship from Capricorn Group and Entrepo that is strengthening our hands to support the children, teachers, and their families during this very difficult time,” S.P.E.S spokesperson, Esmé Coetzee.

The funds provided through Capricorn Foundation helped with extensive assistance with the physical and educational needs of the children and their families when the schools initially closed. The allocation was made through food parcels and supplies and home activity booklets for the children to complete.

As schools are slowly re-opening, the need is more significant than ever to integrate and ensure that children learn and catch up. The pre-schools will continue to be a haven for the children, providing their educational, emotional, physical, and social needs. This is despite the growing number of learners not paying school fees dramatically increasing since 2019 due to parents losing their jobs. The charity organisation, S.P.E.S, also supports the teachers with training and a small remuneration to assist for months when they received no salary due to the closure of schools.

“The Capricorn Foundation coordinates the Group’s corporate social responsibility programmes with the focus areas of Economic Advancement, Education, Health and Vulnerability Programmes. We will continue to do our best to help transform lives and show what it means to be Connectors of Positive Change,” said Thinus Prinsloo, Group CEO.

Susanna Fredericks (teacher), Le-Anne van Zyl (Chief Financial Officer: Entrepo), Magreitha Cloete, (Principal), Grace Luvindao (Communication & Stakeholder Engagement Practitioner), Anneke Kruger (Operations Manager: S.P.E.S.) and Esme Coetzee (S.P.E.S. Director), with the children who are happy to be back at school.


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