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Goethe upcycling competition opens

Goethe upcycling competition opens

The Goethe-Institut in the Sub-Saharan African Region launched the Goethe-Upcycling call for ideas to contribute to sustainability through various measures.

Upcycling is the process of transforming waste or useless materials into products of new value. In contrast to downcycling, this form of recycling results in the recovery of materials.

The Institut said concepts and ideas for upcycling should be submitted and the selected ideas will receive financial support of up to EUR 1000 and is open to all creative people including librarians, craftsmen, artists, designers and anyone who has a good idea that meets the competition criteria.

“There are no restrictions on theme or content, the focus is on the theme of upcycling and the creative process and mostly recycled materials should be used and the jury consisting of representatives from the field of upcycling, cultural and creative industries will select the 8 best ideas,” they explained.

The Goethe-Institut said the presentation of the submissions and the winners will be done digitally and applying participants must submit a presentation poster with pictures, drawing, collages of the object or a description of the upcycling project.

“A simplified curriculum vitae, cost estimate for the creation of the object or the realization of the project, a statement, description of the object, project with text and video, applications must be submitted in digital form only and the deadline for submission is 15 September,” they concluded.


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