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Business Woman gala entertainment ungodly

This past Friday I attended the Business Woman of the Year Awards.
I was very disappointed to see the entertainment for the evening.
As Christians we are to be the salt and light on this earth working against the rotting of a world that has turned their backs to God and the Bible.
The master of ceremonies was a man dressed as a woman. Let me list some points of the evening that I picked up:
The entertainment of a man dressed as a woman does not accommodate everyone, a few years back something like this would have never happened, but now a days, if someone speaks up against it, they are seen as a cast out, as a religious nut and judging others.
But the Bible clearly states that we as BORN-AGAIN Christians are not to be conformed in anyway to this world and its sin – (Romans 12:1I). That nights entertainment was not the will of God.
The fact is also clear that a man or woman who practice such things like homosexuality or give their approval of it is sending out a message against what is the will of the Almighty God who created the earth and heavens.
As mentioned earlier we are the salt and light. Light shines in the darkness and salt works against rotting.
Such people and entertainment should be spoken against, because drag queens, homosexuals, liars, thieves, drunkards etc. Will not inherit the Kingdom of God -(1 Cor 6: 9.)
Also, the type of jokes that were being made were absolutely disgusting and vulgar. All of them were of a sexual nature, and most, of a homosexual nature.
When a person thinks of Business, does one not think of professionalism, neatness, conducting ones self in a way that is well-mannered  with respect?
This just shows how accurate the Bible is by saying that people will turn away from God and be given over to the evil of the world – (2 Tim 3 1-5.)
Lastly, Jesus Christ came to this earth: God in human form to pay for the sins of the world through His death on the cross with His blood, and rose on the 3rd day defeating death so that everlasting life is available to those who turn to Him and believe.
This does not imply that everyone is going to heaven and is saved, this also does not mean everyone who says they are a Christian are going to heaven, but only those who believe and repent (turning away from sins to God) and are born-again.
Therefore God made it clear in the Word as it is written, that he will not be mocked by people living ungodly lives -(Galatians 6: 7.)
I watched in amazement how every winner at the award ceremony thanked God, and I know that we as Christians, will thank Him even more if we do not tolerate such disgusting entertainment which is not at all pleasing to God.
I only mentioned a few verses from the Bible in my above statements, there are many more that make the picture clear that if we stand up against such degrading/worldly and sinful activities, that God will be rewarded and will reward us by a life that is pleasing to Him.
You must in the next Award ceremony keep in mind that such entertainment is disgraceful, not at all pleasing to Almighty God and that it was very offensive to myself and I hopefully believe every Christian who was there that night.
And you should consider having respectful entertainment when hosting such events in future.
Morne Labuschagne
(Letter shortened – Ed.)

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