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Brand appointed acting ED of Finance

Brand appointed acting ED of Finance

The Ministry of Finance has announced the appointment of Francois Brand as acting Executive Director effective 02 August 2021 until 31 January 2022.

Brand will fill the vacancy left by Ericah Shafudah who is retiring from the Public Service end of this month. Brand is currently the Head of the Procurement Policy Unit in the Ministry of Finance and had served in various capacities in the same ministry for a period of nine years.

According to the finance ministry spokesperson Tonanteni Shidhudhu, with the support of the staff, Brand is poised to lead with great energy and focus in assisting the ministry to fulfil its mandate.

“The Ministry expresses its sincere gratitude to Ms Shafudah for her excellent leadership during her time as Accounting Officer for a period of 11 years. Ms Shafudah led the Ministry through a period of significant changes and many reforms in public financial management and public service in general. As she moves towards her retirement from Public Service, we extend our very best wishes in her new career,” he concluded.

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