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Innovation key to horse mackerel

Fisheries right owners who trade in Horse Mackerel should come up with innovative ways to create jobs and improve the quality of fish products, says Bernard Esau, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources.
The ministry has set new targets in a bid to protect the value of domestic products and currency, as well as to create more jobs.
These targets include adopting innovative and alternative technology facilities to substantiate innovation in the process.
Innovative business plans should be put in place as a first step to increasing the value of Horse Mackerel on the market.
Esau said that Horse Mackerel is sold and exported to low income groups and highly populated countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo amongst others.
At present, Horse Mackerel is frozen on board so once it is brought on land, no labour is required.
According to Esau, with the implementation of new strategies; packaging, sealing and processing will be done on land therefore creating more jobs.
Meanwhile, in order to elevate the process, the ministry welcomes innovative ideas and strategies; and is open to recommendations especially from right holders on how business opportunities can be explored and employment opportunities created.
Esau also advised right holders to cooperate and share best practices to boost performance of the fishing sector.
Proposed areas of cooperation include catch arrangements, equity participation and putting in place  measures on how to add the value to fish, and contribute to employment creation.
In the meantime, the Ministry has allocated a total of 100,000 metric tonnes to new ten right holders in equal proportions.
The total issued for Horse Mackerel for the 2010/2011 period was 310 000 metric tones, an increase from 220 000 metric tones during 2009/2010 period.

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