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Start farming now says dedicated millennial female part time farmer

Start farming now says dedicated millennial female part time farmer

Agribank Namibia is celebrating Yolanda Kavetuna, a dedicated millennial female part time farmer specializing in livestock framing in communal areas. She has over nine years years of extensive experience in farming and is currently farming with crossbreeds in Otjituuo area in the Grootfontein district.

Kavetuna said she drew her inspiration for farming from her family from a very young age. “I come from a family of farmers, because I recall having to travel to the cattle post before even getting my school report card and only returning a day before school reopen and I spend most of my school holidays on the farm growing up,” she added.

In 2013, when the country was going through a drought, Kavetuna purchased a few heifer, and in-calf-cows, because the prices were good at the time and she continued to build the herd until 2015.

She received a loan from Agribank which she said helped her in terms of having cash flow throughout the year. “Similarly, I used the money to purchase cattle supplements,” she explained.

She said the challenges she faces as a farmer are the scarcity of land and having to share communal land, but despite these challenges she remains determined to succeed.

“I recently experienced a calving rate of over 85% and I managed to maintain the health condition of my livestock to ensure that I get a calf every year,” she stated.

For aspiring farmers, Kavetuna advised that if you have an interest in farming, she urged them to start now. “At the most associate yourself with three best friend, that should be able to help you reach your farming goals,” she advised.

She said this three friends should be someone close to you that can share information and bounce off ideas, the second is your veterinarian and the third is someone or an institution that will finance your farming venture.


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