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Social Security no longer issue cheques

The Social Security Commission again reminded the public that members, beneficiaries and service providers should take note that all benefits will be paid directly into the claimant’s bank account and that cheques are no longer being issued. This came into effect on 01 October 2013.
“Thus far we are satisfied with the response from our customers, but there are those that have not yet taken note of the fact that we no longer issue cheques and there are also those that do not provide us with banking details. In order to smoothen this process, we once again request claimants to provide proof of ownership of their bank account.”
“The following documents will be accepted as proof of banking details: bank statement, a cancelled cheque, a payslip that includes banking details or a form that should be stamped by the bank as proof of the banking details that can be obtained from the Social Security offices in case of absence of any alternative proof as mentioned above,” said Rino Muranda, Head of Corporate Communications.
Members, beneficiaries and service providers are urged to provide their banking details when submitting claims to the commission. Payment advice related to Employees’ Compensation Fund payments will continue to be mailed to the suppliers via the post for ease of reference. In a case where banking details have changed, the respective Social Security offices should be notified immediately.

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