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Otavi Clinic runs out of oxygen, appeals to Ohorongo, cylinders replaced

Otavi Clinic runs out of oxygen, appeals to Ohorongo, cylinders replaced

Covid-19 patients in Otavi were saved in the nick of time on Friday morning 16 July when the government’s Otavi Clinic ran out of oxygen.

Ohorongo Cement, through its social investment arm, the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust reacted immediately to the regional councillor, Hon George Garab’s urgent call for help. Ohorongo simply obtained five oxygen cylinders from Afrox in Tsumeb and had these delivered to the Otavi Clinic.

At a brief ceremony, Cllr Garab received the cylinders from Ohorongo’s General Administration Manager, Rudolf Coetzee, witnessed by Otavi Town Councillors and the clinic’s staff.

Mr Coetzee, who made the delivery on behalf of Ohorongo Cement and the Community Trust confirmed that the oxygen is now available where it benefits the community the most. He will stay in touch with the clinic to ensure that they do not run out of oxygen again, at least until the situation returns to normal.

Councillor Garab conveyed his gratitude to Ohorongo Cement for their swift response, noting that the oxygen will save many lives.

Regional Councillor George Garab and Rudolf Coetzee (holding the cylinder) joined by Otavi Town Councillors and the staff of the Otavi Clinic when five oxygen cylinders were delivered to the clinic on Friday morning.


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