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Voters choose coloured slices

Logo A. The new Team Namibia logo was chosen by public vote.Team Namibia this week announced the results of its logo voting competition conducted over the first two weeks of October.
The logo vouched as most popular by the public has been identified as “Logo A”, a layered map of Namibia.
The organization’s new logo celebrates the shape of Namibia built up in layers representing the country’s famous desert, dunes and contrasting landscapes.
 In this way, it symbolizes nation building, growth and working together, because without all the parts, Namibia wouldn’t be complete, said Team Namibia in a statement.
Voting was open to the public from 1 to 12 October through a dedicated SMS line and a bespoke Facebook application.
The campaign secured a total of 4,197 valid votes during this period.
Tarah Shaanika, Chairman of Team Namibia said: “When members of the public see this logo, they have the assurance that it represents a product that’s been made locally or a service offered by locals.
The Team Namibia logo enables Namibians to identify local products or services that will in turn promote local businesses.
This will contribute to keep the Namibian economy healthy and strong to create a future environment we all want for our children.”
“The response from the public on this campaign was overwhelming, which proves the public’s support for buying local products and services.
It shows that through small actions like these, we’re helping to fight for a better future for all Namibians.
The next phase in Team Namibia’s re-brand campaign is to first consolidate the application of the new logo in association with our members before it’s officially launched into market next year,” said Team Namibia General Manager Lizette Foot.
Team Namibia used the Namibian branch of The Jupiter Drawing Room based in Windhoek to develop the advertising concept and outputs. The SMS voting line was managed by Dynamic Mobile Solutions who verified the results.

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