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With its large gas storage facilities, Dundee Precious Metals bolsters health ministry’s oxygen supplies

With its large gas storage facilities, Dundee Precious Metals bolsters health ministry’s oxygen supplies

Heeding the urgent call from the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry earlier this week, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb donated more than half a million dollar’s oxygen to medical facilities through the Chamber of Mines.

In Tsumeb, oxygen worth about N$130,000 was donated to the Tsumeb District Hospital.

With its large industrial gas plant, Dundee Precious Metals is also able to act as back-up for industrial oxygen to Afrox so that the latter can store more medical oxygen for hospitals.

Dundee’s Managing Director and Vice President, Zebra Kasete said that they have demonstrated their commitment in the fight against COVID-19 in the past, by investing over N$5 million for the construction of COVID-19 facilities at the Tsumeb District Hospital, repairing the hospital’s ambulance, running community awareness initiatives and donating personal protective gear to hospitals in Tsumeb and other nearby towns. “Local support continues to focus on provision of medical equipment as well as PPE to the health facilities in the region.”

Kasete urged authorities to roll the vaccination programme out faster, deploying more mobile teams to reach more communities.

Since the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s President, Bisey Uirab pledged private sector support on Monday, 05 July, the response has been overwhelming with dozens of companies stepping up to the plate to help the government fight the devastating third Covid-19 wave. Restoring critical oxygen supplies at state medical facilities countrywide is top of the list.

Kasete confirmed his company’s commitment to help contain the spread of the virus, saying that Dundee Precious Metals continues to maintain alternate working arrangements for employees who are able to work from home, installed technology solutions to ensure business continuation with minimum employees on site including vulnerable employees, and additional controls to safeguard employees and contractors who work on-site.

Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb donated bulk oxygen to the Ministry of Health and Social Services through the Chamber of Mines in response to an urgent call from the Namibian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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