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UNAM extends examination period from one to two weeks

UNAM extends examination period from one to two weeks

The University of Namibia (UNAM) has announced that the examination that has been scheduled the period of one week from 12 to 16 July, have been extended to take place over two weeks from 12 to 23 July, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UNAM’s Officer of the Registrar said they are considering all the challenges COVID-19 has brought and have made the following arrangements, the supplementary or special examination for Semester 1 2021 academic year will be conducted online from 12 to 16 July.

While the second opportunity examination for 2020 second semester will also take place online from 19 to 23 July.

“Please consult your portal to view the dates for the supplementary and special examination as it is already loaded and the timetable for the second opportunity examination will be loaded on the Portal as of 6 July,” they added.

The registrar’s office further stated that the planned registration for the 2021 second semester from 21 June to 16 July has now been extended to take place over seven weeks from 21 June to 6 August.

“The commencement date for lectures, on19 July or as prescribed for your specific programmes have not changed and students are encouraged to register early enough not to miss academic activities,” they added.

The University meanwhile hopes that this will provide some relief from all challenges the current situations exerting on both students and academic staff.

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