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Momentum Metropolitan Empowerment Trust donates N$350,000 to fight Covid-19

Momentum Metropolitan Empowerment Trust donates N$350,000 to fight Covid-19

Statement by Trustee, Ingah Ekandjo.

“The current wave of COVID-19 is devastating our country. The alarming rise of infections over the last few weeks has left almost every single one of us affected. Many of our fellow Namibians are fighting for their lives and livelihoods daily. We’ve lost colleagues, friends, and loved ones.

“In response to the current conditions, and in line with our singular purpose; we are proud to announce that the Momentum Metropolitan Empowerment Trust joined the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) and the rest of the private sector with a donation of N$350,000 which will go to help the government with its Covid-19 relief programme.

“The contribution will help the government secure medical equipment, medication and hospital beds across the country which has been in exceptional shortage given the high demand as a result of the rising positive cases and patients that rely on the health sector.

“The pandemic has devastated our country with Covid-19 infections rising daily, impacting almost every single Namibian.

“Together with the rest of the private sector, we believe that our collective contribution will save lives and assist the Ministry of Health with this crisis, and this is a time where we need to unite against this common enemy and inspire hope that Together We Can and that this journey even though it seems difficult we will emerge victoriously.

“The Momentum Metropolitan Empowerment Trust is a subsidiary of Momentum Metropolitan Namibia Limited and its sole purpose is to invest in initiatives that empower the nation, aid communities, and support the youth of Namibia.

“We would like to acknowledge the efforts and dedication of all our employees for respecting all Covid-19 protocols and for playing their part in this fight.




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