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Minister urges right holders to operate within law

Minister of Fisheries and Marine resources, Bernhard Esau (Photograph by Johanna Absalom)Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernhard Esau has called upon new right holders to run their business and fishing operations within the framework of the law, meet set obligations and perform in terms of conditions of the rights allocated to them.
One of the obligations which right holders should adhere to is the payment of the levies and quota fees. Corporate responsibility is also a requirement.
“Corporate social responsibility must be honoured by each and every company that has been given a right and quota without exception,” Esau said.
He added that: “They must take serious steps to optimise the opportunity given to them. There are no short cuts in this business, therefore, right holders must meet their obligations.”
Esau said that the Ministry has come up with measures such as a control and tracking system to monitor performance.
The system will assist the Ministry in tracking the progress and execution of especially social responsibility activities when reviewed and evaluated according to corporation performances.
The Minister also called upon existing and new right holders to accommodate, assist and cooperate with the new right holders.
A total of 24 437 metric tonnes of Hake was allocated to 12 right holders, while 100,000 metric tonnes of Horse Mackerel was allocated to 10 right holders. Four right holders received 1300 metric tonnes of Crab among them, while four others received 4260 metric tonnes of Monk. Fifty metric tonnes of rock lobster was allocated to four right holders.
“A freezer quota of 1 000 metric tonnes was allocated to a non-right holder, namely the National Youth Council,” Esau said.
He further said that careful consideration was given to applicants from all 13 regions to equitably benefit various ranks of people in the country.
“I deliberately employed a broad spectrum-approach to cover all corners of the country in terms of the granting of rights and quotas to the successful applicants.”

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