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Private sector secures more oxygen for critical Covid-19 patients – Capricorn Group donates 63 tonnes of medical oxygen

Private sector secures more oxygen for critical Covid-19 patients – Capricorn Group donates 63 tonnes of medical oxygen

Capricorn Group, through the Capricorn Foundation, in partnership with the NCCI and other private sector companies who formed a coalition, “Business Namibia Covid-19 Response” is working together to secure oxygen supply, construct temporary medical facilities and supplying medical equipment during this spike in the pandemic that has claimed many lives.

The first priority of the coalition members has been to secure emergency medical oxygen from South Africa in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the Ministry of Finance and local suppliers of oxygen.

Capricorn Group since the start of the pandemic has invested more than N$6 million to support government and vulnerable communities in the fight against COVID-19.

“There has never been a more poignant time for us to show what it means to be Connectors of Positive Change. I am therefore pleased to announce that Capricorn Group, through the Capricorn Foundation, has donated an amount of N$1,050,000 which will cover the cost of three 21 tonne oxygen trucks. This means that in total Capricorn Group’s contribution will secure 63 tonnes of life-saving oxygen for Namibians. In addition, we have also offered our assistance to the Coalition in terms of logistical and administrative support,” said Thinus Prinsloo, Group Chief Executive.

“All the Namibian companies of Capricorn Group, including Bank Windhoek, Capricorn Asset Management and Entrepo Holdings contributed to the Capricorn Foundation, enabling the Foundation to make this life-saving donation of oxygen. I am grateful that we are in a position to contribute to this effort, which once again proves the power in collaboration and working together for a common goal to create meaning full change and making a deep and lasting impact,” said Marlize Horn, acting Head of the foundation.

“The first of the three 21 tonne trucks with oxygen donated by the Capricorn Foundation is expected to arrive in Windhoek during the week of 5 July and the oxygen will be used to refill the tank at Katutura State Hospital as well as support public hospitals with oxygen tanks around the country. I would like to thank the NCCI and our private sector partners for this massive effort that has delivered exceptional results over a very short space of time and which literally saved people’s lives,” concluded Jaco Esterhuyse, Group Financial Director.

The Minister Kalumbi Shangula recently at a handover event of an oxygen generating unit at the Windhoek Central Hospital. (Photograph by Musa Carter).


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