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Creating an enabling environment for livestock owners

An information sharing network for farmers is envisaged to take place in Rundu from 16 to 18 October 2013 with special focus on Community Based Rangeland and Livestock Management.
The Namibia Rangeland Forum is offering Namibian livestock farmers, scientists, extension technicians and consultants a rich programme of practical livestock farming experiences and sharing the latest scientific research findings from both free-hold (commercial) and communal land practices.
Findings on the innovative management of grasslands will be shared by commercial farmers, professional herders, development agencies, veterinarians and scientists from Kenya, Zimbabwe and Namibia. These presenters will address the importance of considering the whole value chain when designing and implementing rangeland and livestock management approaches in the field. The link will also be made to Namibia’s National Rangeland Management Policy and Strategy and the principles of sustainable management it is based on. A highlight will be an excursion to Nyege grazing area south of Nkurenkuru where farmers adopted Community Based Rangeland and Livestock Management, which is facilitated by GOPA-CBRLM and funded by MCA-Namibia. Here the link between principles and hands-on herding and livestock management practices can be seen and discussed. Scientists from Namibia, the USA, Australia and Germany will report on their latest research findings and new study projects that are intended to help farmers make informed choices about what management practice to adopt to increase the production from grasslands.

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