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Goethe Stage seeking local short film scripts

Goethe Stage seeking local short film scripts

The Goethe Stage is back and upcoming filmmakers have been invited to submit their scripts of short films set in Windhoek before 25 June 2021.

Goethe Stage 2021 will assist in the making of the short film and connect beneficiaries with persons already established in the industry for knowledge transfer. Goethe Stage 2021 is supported by the Namibia Film Commission (NFC).

“The NFC, as the custodian of film development in the country, is pleased to once again partner with Goethe Stage to the tune of N$150,000. The main objective of the collaboration is to ensure skills transfer, talent development and to keep the hard hit industry active despite the on-going covid-19 pandemic,” said NFC Senior Media Officer, Nicola Muranda.

She said the commission takes pride in supporting creative projects that are geared towards skills development in youth.

“We are thus excited for the young aspiring filmmakers and film enthusiast that stand to benefit from this project,” she added.

Goethe Stage in 2020 supported the production of three short films by local creatives. ‘The Game’ by Jenny Kandenge, ‘Mukumo’ by Namafu Amutse and ‘Sacred Places’ by Lloyd Winini were produced from late 2019 and premiered in October 2020. ‘Sacred Places’ was selected for the First Time Filmmaker Sessions and for Canada’s Horror Lust Film Festival.

“Goethe Stage 2021 has decided to continue with short films because after the success of Goethe Stage 2020 and the production of 3 short films, some of which have received international recognition, the genre has gained more traction in Namibia,” said Goethe-Institut Namibia Cultural Programmes, Michelle Namases.

Managing the project again this year and functioning as the producer of all films, Senga Brockerhoff from Pegasus Productions said she is looking forward to this year’s delivery. “This is a fantastic opportunity for newbies as well as those wishing to practice their craft. I am excited about this second round to apply lessons learnt last year through the production process and produce 3 higher-end short films,” she said.

Established in the Namibian filmmaking industry, David Ndjavera; Krischka Stoffels; and Tim Huebschle, are the selection committee and advisors on Goethe Stage 2021.

Apart from being set in Windhoek, they will look for a comprehensible script and plausible story that can be materialized in less than six months. Applicants must with their application form submit a script of no more than 20 pages, a synopsis, list of characters, the director’s curriculum vitae or biography and a director’s vision statement. Writers may apply with separate director.

Goethe Stage has since 2017 supported and worked with numerous creatives in Namibia for their ideas to materialise and become part of the national discourse on Namibia’s cultural development.

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