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Government announces five public private partnership priority projects at PPP conference

Government announces five public private partnership priority projects at PPP conference

The Minister of Finance, Iipumbu Shiimi on 16 June announced the top five priority projects under the public private partnership (PPP) initiative.

The projects are: Wastewater Direct Reclamation Plant (City of Windhoek), Otjiwarongo Wastewater Treatment Works (Otjiwarongo Municipality), Desalination Water Supply Project (NamWater), Concentrated Solar Power with PV, (NamPower, and Development of Student Village (Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation).

Speaking at the 6th National PPP Conference, Shiimi said the five projects were selected from 40 project concepts which were submitted by the various public entities to be considered for PPP implementation.

The consulting team developed a PPP Project Screening Framework and guidelines on project appraisals to facilitate the process of identifying and screening potential PPP projects, after which 15 projects were screened and the five were prioritised for launching as part of the country’s Project Pipeline launched on 16 June in Windhoek.

“The identified projects are aligned to the national development goals and they are deemed to be of high socio-economic impact (i.e. deliver Value For Money), while at the same time, ensuring that the private sector achieves a reasonable return on investment. This is envisaged to support economic recovery and promote private sector-led economic growth,” Shiimi said.

The PPP conference ran on 16 and 17 June virtually. The conference is dedicated to discussions on the five priority projects.

Shiimi added that this year, the discussions will additionally zero-in on how Namibia intends to deal with the issue of unsolicited proposals as well as additional projects including Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia and related industries in the Southern Corridor Development Initiative.

The government has already committed the initial N$100 million over the next three years for the establishment of the Project Preparation Facility in order to fund project preparatory work such as feasibility studies of identified projects to feed the PPP Cycle for implementation. This project is done in collaboration with the Development Bank of Namibia.

The PPP Unit of the finance ministry is supported by the French Development Agency (AFD) and other multilateral institutions such as the African Development Bank (AfDB).

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