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The healthier our ecosystems, the healthier the planet and its people – Rössing

The healthier our ecosystems, the healthier the planet and its people – Rössing

An enthusiastic group of people came together over the previous weekend to clean the Arandis commons and the access road to Rössing Uranium mine, in celebration of World Environment Day on Saturday 05 June.

The clean-up campaign was a combined initiative between the mine and the Arandis Town Council. It was conducted under the theme “Ecosystem Restoration,” to tie in with the formal launch of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021 to 2030.

The mine’s manager for Health, Safety, Environment and Protection Services, Jacklyn Mwenze commented “We cannot stress enough that we cannot turn back time, but we can grow trees, green our cities, re-wild our garden and clean up rivers and our communities.”

The acting Manager of Corporate Communication, Kaino Nghitongo said World Environment Day is a reminder to all that “our world is fragile” and that collective action is needed to take care of the environment.

“At Rössing, ecosystems and associated biodiversity are managed through our Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) that follows the mitigation hierarchy to prevent, minimise, restore and rehabilitate Rössing’s’ footprint. This enables Rössing to minimise its impact on the ecosystem,” he continued.

Rössing Uranium has participated for many years in local celebrations of World Environment Day.


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