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New EES single to prove the naysayers wrong

New EES single to prove the naysayers wrong

Kwaito singer EES recently dropped his second single ‘100’ from his new album Game Changer. The track is a very minimal style afro beat with the chorus starting with, ‘They said I could not do it, but I done it.”

According to EES, from the start of his career he has broken many clichés or norms in the industry, from his first big hit ’International’ to his many collaborations with different artists and genres

EES said he had a vision of taking Namibian music to another level internationally and he has done so multiple times, for instance, at the MTV Awards, winning X-Factor Germany with his band and winning Channel O’s Best Kwaito Music Video in Africa.

“But it has not always been sunshine and roses, as with success comes the haters and doubter, the ones that have tried to pin cultural appropriation and other hidden agendas to my name and style and labels trying to convince me to change my music style to better fit the industry,” he quipped.

But he just kept on a strong path to what he believed in, including releasing clean up videos for a better future for Namibia and has united a nation under the Namibian flag not caring much about what people say to him on what he should or should not do.

On the new track, EES said he elaborated on many topics that had been thrown at him in the past, but he always makes sure that there is a Namibian flag somewhere in all his videos, symbolizing his strong roots to his motherland.

“If this is only the second single of my upcoming album ‘Game Changer’ then it will surely change the game when it comes out,” concluded EES.


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