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New water points for Oshikoto region

More than 280 cattle from the King Nehale grazing area drinking at the new Nangolo dhaAmutenya water point.

More than 280 cattle from the King Nehale grazing area drinking at the new Nangolo dhaAmutenya water point.

Millenium Challenge Account Namibia (MCA N) handed over four water points in Oshikoto Region to the Ministry of Agriculture,Water and Forestry (MAWF) on 3 October.
The hand over ceremony took place at the Nangolo dhaAmutenya water point located 17 kilometres south west of Omuthiya, which forms part of one of MCA N’ s grazing areas that practise Community Based Rangeland and Livestock Management (CBRLM).
At the event, which was attended by more than 200 community members, Agriculture Under-secretary, Desmond Tshikesho (MAWF) thanked MCA N for its support in the interest of the community: “This new water infrastructure funded by the American Government will allow our livestock farmers to restore and maintain their rangeland areas as per my Ministry’s Rangeland Strategic Policy launched in 2012.” Senior Headman Willebard Lidker added, “We had water problems in this area, but today we are proud to be beneficiaries of this programme because our animals have been suffering, especially during times of drought.” He further urged the community members to carefully look after of the new water infrastructure. On behalf of the funding organisation, Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), Deputy Resident Country Director Ms. Elisabeth Feleke pointed out, “I am glad to witness that the King Nehale community will benefit economically from our contribution.” Water infrastructure is a key component of successful CBRLM activities as it includes the grazing of large combined herds according to a grazing pattern, which allows the pasture to recover. Nangolo dhaAmutenya is one of two water points that were connected through 10km pipeline extension and can now water livestock herds of up to 1,000 herd of cattle. This was demonstrated during today’s event when more than 180 cattle were watered at once. MCA N invested N$ 3.5 million at King Nehale. MCA N is implementing development activities in the country’s education, agriculture and tourism sectors financed by the United States Government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to the value of US$ 304.5 million (N$ 3 billion) with the aim of reducing poverty through economic growth.

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