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Webinar for teenagers in this digital age

Webinar for teenagers in this digital age

Online shop, The Salt and Light will be hosting a virtual seminar for teenagers in the digital age on 19 June, in commemoration of the International African Child Day.

The seminar will unpack topics teenagers face in the digital age including cyber-bullying, sexting, addiction, internet safety, porn, anxiety, depression, privacy and reputation.

Founder of the Digital Law Company and co-author of the book Selfies, Sexts and Smartphones will be the guest speaker at the online event.

Alina Garises, Founder and Managing Director of Salt and Light Namibia said there are plenty of good things about social media, but also many risks and things we should avoid all together.

“Therefore to aid with online safety we are organizing this virtual seminar to help protect children by educating them about online etiquette, because it is never too early but can be too late to teach our children good social media habits.,” she emphasized.

She expressed that it is imperative for each parent who really cares about their child’s online safety to attend this webinar. “Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay and receiving mean comments on digital platforms such as social media can hurt a child’s self-esteem and could lead to depression and worst-scenario suicide,” she added.

She further said that on the other side of the coin, writing and sharing mean comments can get you into trouble ans potentially legal trouble, therefore she encouraged all parents together with their kids to be part of this important discussion.

Salt and Light Namibia is an online driven business with their head offices in Tsumeb, they specialize in selling food, a selection of books and breath-taking blooms. For more information about the upcoming webinar and to secure your participation, contact the company directly.


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