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Namib Mills launches Kitchen 82 to boost SME development

Namib Mills launches Kitchen 82 to boost SME development

Namib Mills recently launched Kitchen 82, a professional environment where the public can be trained and educated about baking and professional cooking techniques to expand their culinary skills.

According to Namib Mills, one of Kitchen 82’s most important pillars is SME development and upliftment.

The company prides itself in creating platforms to uplift Namibians and focus on the importance of SME development. This was also their driving force and success factor with the Bakpro Vetkoek training, which is still on going, and more recently the RealGood Kapana training.

“Kitchen 82 will be nothing less than that, to give you the necessary skills to become an entrepreneur in your own right, and in return create a better livelihood for yourself, generate an income and become a culinary professional yourself. With Kitchen 82 we’ve expanded our already existing involvement with SME development and upliftment, and we’re honoured to now add the beautiful Kitchen 82 to our base,” Namib Mills said in a statement.

Kitchen 82 will offer a wide range of classes and courses including cooking classes, baking classes, team building, kids baking and birthday parties and venue hiring.

For more information on Kitchen 82,  one can visit


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