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Amanda von Wielligh leads the Nedbank Vehicle and Asset Finance team

Amanda von Wielligh leads the Nedbank Vehicle and Asset Finance team

Namibians favourably received the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Bank of Namibia’s decision during April, when the committee decided to keep the repo rate unchanged at 3.75% to support domestic economic activity.

The country’s low repo rate coupled with the rollout of the COVID-19 national vaccination plan already delivers positive indicators for an economy in recovery.

This positive sentiment is exactly what Amanda von Wielligh, Head of Vehicle and Asset Finance at Nedbank Namibia and her team were expecting. Amanda recalls how the motor industry has been under severe pressure over the past few years. Despite this, she and her team managed to grow Nedbank’s asset book during a challenging time in history.

Indeed, domestic economic activity contracted severely, by 8.0%, in 2020 and in key sectors; and mainly due to the devastating effects of the pandemic. However, according to the Bank of Namibia, despite the subdued economic activity during the first two months of 2021, going forward the domestic economy is expected to grow by 2.7% in 2021. This spells potential in the domestic economy which Amanda and her dynamic team intend to capitalise on. “We offer vehicle financing, tech loans, lifestyle loans, Cymot loans and bicycle loans—excellent products in high demand,” von Wielligh says.

As a result of the pandemic and lockdowns, clients have been prompted to change their habits and home-working spaces, and Nedbank’s creative loan products will assist them in making these changes, whether it’s beginning a healthier lifestyle by cycling or purchasing a new tech gadget to pursue a new career or hobby. Many people have been motivated to take out a lifestyle loan to fund furniture, renovate houses, or pay for a long-overdue holiday.

Amanda has worked for Nedbank for nearly two decades, the last seven as the head of the Vehicle and Asset Financing department. The success of Amanda and her team can be attributed to the positive workplace culture she has cultivated and continues to nurture. Her forward-thinking leadership and unifying values among her team have been a contributing factor to their working seamlessly toward their goals.

She defines her team as being the most resilient and supportive individuals she has encountered, “We always find a way to bounce back and overcome challenges. I can honestly say that my department is the best to work in; there is always happiness, we work together, we support each other and we care greatly for one another,” she adds.

Amanda is renowned for excelling in her work, having been awarded Nedbank Top Team for three consecutive years and achieving high volumes of sales during a Nedbank motor show. Her career is one of her many passions in which she strives to make a difference. “It is the small things that drive me—the joy of a client getting his own set of wheels, a client in awe of our great service, my staff feeling proud of their achievements. It makes me happy,” von Wielligh explains.

Amanda is a self-driven leader who takes pride in being a successful career woman, wife and mother. She thinks of herself to be an adventurous individual who enjoys spending time with her family, whom she considers her ‘greatest supporters.’

Despite the feeling of ‘the writing being on the wall’, with the socio-economic status of the country last year, Amanda and her team managed to deliver unparalleled service. Her ability to lead a team through trying times is one of her great achievements; her dynamic leadership involves being invested in others and being visible through the daily choices she makes to uplift others, show kindness and demonstrate respect and empathy.

Her motto epitomises how she lives, whether at work or home: “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”


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