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ReconAfrica responds to National Geographic article

ReconAfrica responds to National Geographic article

Reconnaissance Energy Africa provides a factual response to National Geographic’s false and defamatory article May 21, 2021, written by environmental activists.

We are proud that the Namibian Government has selected ReconAfrica as one of over 30 national and international energy companies it trusts to explore the country’s natural resource potential in sustainable ways.

In seeking the best path forward to address the country’s energy deficit, the Government of Namibia is wisely considering many solutions, including oil and gas exploration, geothermal and biomass assessments, as well as examining wind and solar power alternatives.

While we appreciate there may be concerns about the impact of the ReconAfrica project in Namibia, we would like to point to some important facts that should be considered when assessing the project:

• ReconAfrica adheres fully to the legal obligations within all territories in which it operates. Allegations have been made in the media suggesting that this is not the case. These are categorically untrue.

• Canadian practices and technologies, especially as they pertain to resource exploration and development and ESG practices, are widely regarded as among the best in the world for environmental protection and safety, and we are bringing those innovations to every aspect of our project.

● ReconAfrica’s work in Namibia is guided by – and under the constant review and approval of – representatives of a wide range of government Ministries and regulatory agencies including: the Ministry of Mines & Energy (MME), the Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Land Reform (MAWLR), the Ministry of Environment, Forestry & Tourism (MEFT), the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety & Security, and others.

We sincerely believe that Namibia’s energy industry can be developed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner that is accountable and supports the development and delivery of much needed economic and social benefits, as well as funding investments in local wildlife and ecological conservation.

Ultimately, the Namibian people, through their traditional authorities, elected governments, and regulatory agencies, will determine how the country will manage its natural resources.

The company is following all of the terms required under the Namibian Government’s Environmental Clearance Certificate, which itself complies fully with the provisions of the Environmental Management Act (EMA), Act No. 7 of 2007. It is also ReconAfrica’s practice to complete additional environmental and social monitoring and analyses of each site and extended surrounding areas.

We encourage you to learn more about the best practices ReconAfrica is employing in Namibia, by visiting relevant fact sheets found here

Exhibit 5 – Global ESG Rankings – Major Oil Producers & Exporters (CNW Group/Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd.)

Global ESG Rankings – Major Oil Producers & Exporters (CNW Group/Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd.)

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