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Telecom commits to providing superior solutions, experience to its customers – Redesigned Outapi Teleshop opened

Telecom commits to providing superior solutions, experience to its customers – Redesigned Outapi Teleshop opened

Telecom Namibia, opened its brand-new redesigned Teleshop in Outapi this week.The Outapi Teleshop is a new concept store, which is one of 4 in the entire country, and is designed to revolutionise the look and feel of the traditional Teleshop we came to know throughout the country.

The Teleshop store follows the opening of Teleshop in Nkurenkuru, followed by the iWay store, and the flagship store at Grove Mall in 2018.

These stores are part of Telecom Namibia’s broader plan of re-designing its outlets for an improved retail presentation of its products and services while introducing new technology and solutions that will boost the country’s telecommunications sector.

Interactive and revolutionary, and featuring the latest in digital technology, the Outapi Teleshop outlet will change the way customers shop for Telecom products and services. The store features cutting-edge mobile products and fixed broadband services aimed at enhancing the lives of customers and empowering individual communication needs.

The store also includes a customer care point where products and services can be purchased, a point where faults are reported, and another where customers can apply for new services, as well as a billing centre for service payments. The initiative is an effort by Telecom Namibia to ensure that Teleshops are not just stores that stock products, but a place where the company demonstrate how technology can transform lives and businesses.

“The Government recognizes the strategic importance of ICT and the major role it plays in contributing to the social and economic development of our country and its citizens. Various achievements in the sector since 1992, with the establishment of Telecom Namibia, has demonstrated our ongoing commitments and Government’s political will toward supporting the growth and development of the sector,” said the Governor of the Omusati Region, Hon. Erginus Endjala in his keynote address, read by Hon. Immanuel Shikongo, Councillor of the Outapi Constituency.

“Connectivity remains a challenge in many countries across the world, including Namibia, due to limited ICT infrastructure, equipment, policies, and financial resources. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology has been working with various partners, in efforts to improve the digital footprint mainly in Namibia’s remote areas, such as in the Omusati region,” he further added.

Also, speaking at the opening of the Teleshop, Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Namibia, Dr. Stanley Shanapinda said the reopening of the Teleshop is reaffirming Telecom Namibia’s commitment to provide superior solutions and experience to its customers.

“I am pleased that Telecom Namibia was able to provide the Omusati Region with the presence of this new Teleshop which helps to boost the region’s value-add, which is a clear indication of our eagerness to move towards digital transformation. Since Telecom Namibia started its operations in 1992, we have always strived to provide the best, affordable and reliable services in Namibia. Today’s event reaffirms our commitment to further expand our network to every corner of the country which will enable more Namibians to enjoy our services and be part of the digital age,” he mentioned.

Similarly, Dr. Shanapinda expressed that ICT industry has shifted into high gear to accommodate the sudden demand for remote working and learning, as well as the need for business solutions, as majority of businesses have gone digital-only. To keep up with the demand, Telecom Namibia, under its strategic initiative called Operation Autumn Cleaning or OAC, continues to review its product and service offering to ensure they remain relevant to the current market and that they are able to meet our customers’ demands.


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