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Very few consulting firms reach 100 years – Knight Piésold celebrates with optimism

Very few consulting firms reach 100 years – Knight Piésold celebrates with optimism

Local consulting engineers, Knight Piésold, recently celebrated their centenary, reflecting not only on their impressive accomplishments but remaining very optimistic about Namibia’s future despite the slump in engineering contracts. The firm’s flagship project, Neckartal Dam, was completed in 2020.

Director for the firm’s Namibian operation, Cilliers Mostert, painted a realistic picture, saying “The recovery of the global economy, as well as the increase in demand for commodities will result in an increase in the price for most commodities. This bodes well for Namibia whose economy is very much linked to commodity prices due to is footprint in mining.”

This sentiment is echoed by Country Manager Gunter Leicher, who added that there are significant opportunities which present itself across various sectors in both the private sector and the government.

“Apart from our mining expertise in geotechnical services, Namibia’s focus on infrastructure development enables us to extend and expand our infrastructure expertise. This includes structural engineering; roads and railway engineering – in fact all infrastructure engineering within the bulk and municipal space, and [with] dam break analysis,” Leicher said.

Mostert pointed out that the local mining sector holds great promise particularly as it remains one of the world’s leading producers of uranium oxide.

“Further, it remains a leading producer of zinc with a positive outlook also noted for lithium and cobalt. This and several other factors underpin why Knight Piésold Africa remains optimistic about the value and expertise that we can bring to Namibia’s growing mining sector. The proof lies in the fact that our service offering in mining has grown significantly beyond just tailing dams to providing all-round structural and infrastructure services,” added Mostert.

Pointing out the importance of local expertise, Leicher said “Knight Piésold has a strong value proposition to invest in the development and training of local talent and competent expertise in the countries in which it operates with the aim of enabling and contributing to direct and indirect socio-economic growth.”

To this Mostert added “We are extremely proud to be part of an international group that has what it takes to last 100 years given that only about 0.5% of companies reach this milestone! We are looking forward to continue to grow into the next 100 years, not just internationally but in Namibia as well.”

Knight Piésold was founded in South Africa in 1921. Today the firm operates in 15 countries with a staff complement of 850 people.

Knight Piésold Director, Cilliers Mostert (left) and Country Manager, Gunter Leicher.


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