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RDP Youth League separates lies from truth

Dear sir,
The Rally for Democracy and Progress Youth League (RDPYL) feels very provoked and indeed insulted to have its leader, Hidipo Hamutenya called a thug and wrongfully accused of being responsible for the demise and failure of DBC and AMCOM.
We fail to understand the motive behind Asser Ntinda’s (editor of Namibia Today) smear campaign and character assassination against our leader.
In separating lies from the truth, Cde Hidipo Hamutenya never served on the DBC and AMCOM Board nor was he a member of the management of those parastatals and, as such, cannot be held responsible for their success or failure.
Under any normal circumstances, the board and the management of any company is responsible for controlling, directing, supervising and monitoring the development of such a business.
Since independence, how many of the ministers have been accused of mismanagement and failure of their parastatals? When GIPF lost millions of dollars no word was uttered by Ntinda and his cahoots. No Presidential Commission was established to look into the affairs of the Ministry of Finance for example.
Similarly, when N$30 million was stolen from the Social Security Commission by well-known Swapo members, some of which are today parliamentarians, the Ministry of Labour and Social Services was not investigated and their ministers were never held responsible. Furthermore, when NAMCOR went bankrupt and was bailed out with over N$500 million, no investigation was held against the Ministry of Mines and Energy and their ministers were not held responsible.
We are still to hear from Asser Ntinda and company on these particular cases.
Accusing someone of having done something without providing facts is not only malicious but it also lacks journalistic ethics. Ntinda must be reminded that political militancy without discipline is anarchy. And if Namibia allows anarchy to take control, there will be no country.
There is no substance in Ntinda’s accusations against Cde Hidipo Hamutenya. It appears that poor  Ntinda lacks the elementary understanding of how business structures operate.
In his article, ‘Hidipo Hamutenya is a thug just like anybody else who left Swapo’, Ntinda did not tell the nation why he exonerated the board and the management of DBC and AMCOM from failing the companies but had the audacity to accuse Cde Hamutenya who was neither a board or management member. Cde Hamutenya was a Cabinet Minister. Rightfully, he cannot be accused of being responsible for the failures of DBC and AMCOM. Whoever is accusing Cde Hidipo Hamutenya of the failure of these companies has a personal vendetta against him.
Sibuku Malumbano
RDPYL Secretary

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