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Any Namibian with a smartphone and an internet connection can play the UK 49 lottery

Any Namibian with a smartphone and an internet connection can play the UK 49 lottery

The rapid development in gaming technology and internet connectivity now enables Namibians for the first time to participate in international lotteries via web-based service providers.

For instance, the UK 49 lottery, run by 49 Limits in London is now open to any Namibian with internet access and an active account at any of a number of lottery providers.

The UK 49 was launched in 1996 and is affiliated to the UK National Lottery. Drawings occur twice daily, at lunchtime and again at teatime.

The UK 49 is a lottery which does not operate according to the same system as that of other more conventional lotteries. Players have more flexibility and can control the amounts that they wish to wager in addition to the number of balls they try to match.

Namibians will not be able to play the UK 49 in the same way that it is played in the United Kingdom, where there are numerous betting shops that allow for entry.

In Namibia, players who are keen to try this lottery will have to make use of online lottery providers that facilitate the lottery. These providers allow players to register an account, deposit funds, and participate in numerous lotteries from all over the world.

Should the winner win a prize, the funds are transferred into his or her online account. Players must take note that some countries have taxation laws which regard lottery winnings as a source of income. These funds are subsequently taxed accordingly.

It is therefore imperative for Namibian players to ensure that they are well-versed in any, and all, tax laws when they participate in international lotteries.

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How to play online:

Players who are interested must find an online betting provider which offers wagers on either the UK 49’s teatime or the lunchtime draw. The online provider will require that the player registers for and opens an account before being able to proceed.

Once the player has registered their account, they can proceed with the following steps:

1. Select the option to play UK 49

2. Decide whether you want to enter a six-number or seven-number draw.

3. Choose how many numbers you want to match from one to five. Keep in consideration that in order to win a prize, you must match all the numbers that you have chosen. The more numbers you choose, the larger the prize.

4. Choose your numbers ranging from 1 to 49 and set the amount that you wish to wager.

5. Follow the instructions and further prompts on the website to confirm and pay for your ticket.

6. Keep an eye out for the draw at the specified time for either the teatime or lunchtime draw.

What are the odds of winning a prize?

When considering that the UK 49 is unlike any other lottery, it would only make sense that the odds of winning a prize and the subsequent prizes be structured differently.

UK 49 has a ‘pure’ odds mechanic which means that prizes paid directly reflect the odds which are associated with winning. The odds are, in addition, also shortened when players choose to play a seven-number draw as provision is made for a booster.

For instance, on a N$10 wager on matching only one number, with odds of 6/1, the player would return a prize of N$60.

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