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Have a healthy relationship with money and your finances – Economist Businesswomen Club

Have a healthy relationship with money and your finances – Economist Businesswomen Club

The Economist Businesswomen Club held its first networking breakfast on 23 April 2021 at Am Weinberg, since the COVID-19 lockdown started.

The guest speaker at the event, Monique Cloete, Managing Director of Liberty Life Namibia delivered the topic; ‘When professional and personal lives collide, Ensuring financial resilience of Namibian women during the global pandemic and beyond’.

Cloete has over 20 years’ experience in the retirement fund industry of Southern Africa and is passionate about learning and self development and vies herself as a leader, wanting to serve and inspire.

Cloete said women have been hit hard during these unprecedented times. “As the glue that keeps everyone around us together, we wear many hats in our families, and this burn us out, but we keep on going,” said Cloete

Addressing the Club, Cloete emphasised how it is important for women to be financially knowledgeable, to be able to make money, keep money and save.

“We were never taught about money or finance when we were young therefore, it is imperative to teach our children and the next generation, or even the older generation, how to have a healthy relationship with money,” she said.

Cloete expressed joy that woman are a majority at her work place, therefore, even though she is seeing more woman clients she would like an increase in women who come to her company as clients.

“As women we have a special link between our mother and daughter, therefore let us learn from our mothers and let them learn from us and let us teach our daughters and let them teach us, especially about money matter,” she concluded.

The Economist Businesswomen Club provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise, through planned networking, and aims to encourage the personal development and management skills of its members and to advance the standing and power of women.

(l-r) Monique Cloete, Managing Director of Liberty Life Namibia and Desere Lundon-Muller, Namibia Economist Businesswomen Project Organiser, at the first Economist Businesswomen Club networking breakfast since lockdown.


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