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Keeping UNAM Alumni relevant

Keeping UNAM Alumni relevant

By Paulus Andreki
Chairperson: Alumni Association.

Acting as an independent body, The University of Namibia Alumni Association aspires to promote a deep-rooted partnership, through bridging the University and affiliates of the association to endorse the University’s mission and enhance multi-faceted public support and bringing University alumnus closer to their alma mater.

Upon its establishment, the objectives and aspirations are to bolster the interest and welfare of the University of Namibia and its alumni; to inspire, develop and preserve the interests of the alumni; to help the alumni cradle all associations and established friendships as students.

Along these lines, the UNAM Alumni Association expects to maintain close cooperation among all associates including trustees of the University; all preceding to be consistent with the policies established by the University.

The UNAM Alumni Association engages and appreciates the university’s products and outstanding performance, as they continue to be at the forefront of the battle against COVID-19, as well as providing alternatives to the modern way of doing things.

The Association has taken note off the Alumnus and urge them to continue being crucial factors in the domestic economy, due to the esteemed education and skills acquired from the University of Namibia (UNAM).

The UNAM Alumni Association, being a platform for the University Alumnus is readily available to hear and execute all ideas from the alumnus to shape the University of Namibia into a center of excellence, center of research and innovation, the leader of the science & technology, and finally, the university of choice.

There are several positive reasons to join a local alumni association, amongst those are benefits such as:
– Increase the value of your degree- One of the criteria used to rate major universities is alumni participation. When you enter an organization at, you continue to improve the university’s image. As a result, your degree will be much more important and valuable.

– An alumni association allows graduates to network with current students, professors, and future employers. This engagement provides features such as Job Connectivity and Optimal Resume to help graduates find work even after they graduate.

– Discounts on campus bookstores- An alumni association discount may be useful when purchasing a necessary textbook or merely purchasing university merchandise. The UNAM alumni can provide discounts on selected items and services the campus has to offer.

– Complimentary alumni publications, newsletters, and webinars will keep you informed on campus activities, events, faculty, and other alumni. UNAM sends out an electronic newsletter to alumni.
Expand your skills and knowledge- Having access to a Career Services Center is important, particularly if you are just starting out. These organizations help alumni by providing seminars, webinars, technical employment directories, and career counseling.

The organization comprises of an interesting set of diverse alumni. By setting a good precedent, these leaders endorse and foster UNAM’s attempts to recruit, inspire, and retain a culturally diverse community of professors, students, administrators, employees, and volunteers, thus enriching the University community as a whole.

Consider your current state of mind: are you optimistic, hopeful, or thinking about the future? Join those who share your sentiments and advocate for those in the process of getting there.


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