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Meatco’s NCA subsidiary could restore and grow the northern communal area- Kwenani

Meatco’s NCA subsidiary could restore and grow the northern communal area- Kwenani

Meatco’s subsidiary for the Northern Communal Area (NCA) creates a lot of great opportunities for the northern communal area, subsidiary CEO Kingsley Kwenani recently said when he delivered a statement at the Meat Board Consultative workshop held in Ondangwa.

According to Meatco, the NCA subsidiary strategy for the communal areas include among others, operationalisation of abattoirs, creation of markets and established to drive Meatco’s NCA strategy, to enhance market access for livestock farmers by facilitating market development within the areas and internationally (i.e., ensuring market access and competitive prices).

Kwenani said the subsidiary strategy will also enhance Meatco’s Brand development, positioning, identification and product utilisation in the local market, through the Meatco Export quality local brand, the MeatMa brand and operating NCA abattoirs including the Rundu Abattoir, Katima Mulilo Abattoir and the mobile slaughter unit.

Although FMD remains a challenge for the NCA, the industry has been supporting the ministry to contain the outbreak. Unfortunately, FMD remains a trading block that requires critical thinking and hence the need to explore markets that does not have a problem with FMD specifically in Africa, he added.

According to Meatco, the ministry developed commodity based trade protocols which could be used in marketing the products.

“These protocols require the utilisation of quarantine facilities. These facilities require some serious works to ensure that when these export abattoirs are operational, they can conform to CBT for the meat produced to be exported. Hence the need for DVS to expedite the repair process for these quarantines,” said Kwenani.

Meatco’s NCA subsidiary was mandated with this specific mandate to unlock opportunities in the primary beef value chain of the NCA and if it is supported to adjudicate its mandate farmers north of the cordon fence will be able to find value in their livestock just like a farmer south of the fence.

The subsidiary established last year has its own board and is expected to be a vehicle to unlock opportunities in the NCA.


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