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Let those weary legs rest at the Agra camp

Agra is again pulling out all the stops for Windhoek Show 2013. Inviting visitors to their comprehensive display, The agri-business leader said “If the hustle and bustle in the halls get too much or the sun outside becomes too hot, this stand is a welcome oasis. There is a lot to see and to buy, for the farmers, but also for the outdoors enthusiast, the hunter, the gardener and horse owner.”
At the Agra stand, show visitors can sit down for a while to cool down while chatting to the representatives of various Agra suppliers and divisions. Suppliers who are exhibiting at the Agra stand include, MSD Animal Health, Effekto with their gardening products, Feedpro with lots of advice on animal nutrition, Franklin Electric, Pegasus (Castrol), Etameko, Taltec and SafeQuip, a new supplier who will introduce fire fighting equipment.
For the camper and outdoor lover, the shooter and hunter, Safari Den’s exhibition is a feast for the eyes and a very popular attraction at the Windhoek Show. A lot of effort goes into displaying as many of its products as possible.
Agra’s specialist veterinary outlet, Auas Vet Med is also part of the extensive Agra camp with their range of animal care products as well as an exciting range of horse products.
Value will be added to the agricultural division of the show through the presence and involvement of Agra’s professional services division, ProVision. Experts in various fields of agriculture, who are part of this division, will be present to advise and inform farmers on important aspects of farming.
Show Specials
Once again Agra’s monthly specials will be difficult to beat. Products will be available at special prices at all Agra branches. Some of these special promotion products will also be on sale at the Agra stand.
Agra said not only does it add value to the retail division of the show, but also supports the livestock championships. The Interbreed Dual-purpose championships are supported by Agra through a generous sponsorship in the form of prizes for winners and a trophy for the champion bull; prizes for the best-kept stables as well as prizes for the winners in the National Boerbok, Kalahari Red and Damara National Championships. Agra also supports the Windhoek Show Cattle committee’s annual fund raising during the show, with big prizes for winners of the lucky draw.
“Visitors to the Windhoek Show should make sure to visit the Agra stand and shop in a lovely, cool country atmosphere.”

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