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First round of coastal Maths challenge concludes

First round of coastal Maths challenge concludes

Close to 800 learners from 13 coastal schools participated in the Bank Windhoek Coastal Maths Challenge first-round, hosted at the participating schools in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay on 18 March, the local bank announced on Thursday.

The event saw grade 8 to 10 learners from the Swakopmund Secondary and the Walvis Bay Secondary Schools clusters, compete in a mathematics skills challenge consisting of a multiple-choice paper for each grade.

The answer sheets of learners who got more than one-third of the answers correct were submitted to the Walvis Bay and Swakopmund Cluster team leaders, who had the task of selecting the 12 best performing learners in each grade among their respective cluster schools to progress to the second round.

The following schools qualified for the second round in June. They will challenge each other in three papers: an individual speed test, multiple-choice test, and a team test:
Walvis Bay Cluster: Walvis Bay Private High School: 19 learners. International School Walvis Bay: 11 learners.Flamingo Secondary School: 4 learners. Kuisebmond Secondary School: 2 learners.

Swakopmund Cluster: Private School Swakopmund: 21 learners. Pro-Ed Akademie: 10 learners. Namib High School: 3 learners. Riverside Private School: 2 learners.

The competition exposes learners to problem-solving in a challenging and fun context and regularly motivates teachers and learners to engage in problem-solving activities periodically.

Established in 2014, the annual Bank Windhoek Coastal Maths Challenge for Grade 8 to 10 learners between the Swakopmund Secondary Cluster and the Walvis Bay Secondary Cluster is organised by Magret Courtney-Clarke from Orison Educational Services.


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