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DHPS inaugurates new state of the art science labs

DHPS inaugurates new state of the art science labs

The Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windheok (DHPS), has spared no expense or effort in renovating and revamping their science facilities to implement group work, interactive and flexible study methods, use of media and participation in class.

The physics, chemistry and biology labs offer the approximately 1000 learners and teachers at DPHS a state of the art learning and teaching environment.

Tina Crüys, Public Relations Coordinator at the School explained that the science rooms now have flexible furniture that replaces conservative table arrangements with mobile units that can be expanded as needed, providing even more space for group work and interactive experiments.

“Besides the health benefits of the ergonomic chairs, the furnishings are also a feast for the eyes, with its fresh apple green look which offers teachers and learners a motivating and contemporary learning ambiance,” she added.

She further highlighted the smart-board and microscopes with integrated HD streaming cameras that enable learners to follow what is happening under the magnifying glass were already part of the standard equipment in the past. “Now, the so-called media wings, with ceiling systems that supply the learners’ workstations with electricity, water, gas, light and internet access, optimize the experimental possibilities in the biology and chemistry room,” she emphasized.

She said in the physics room, fold-out power lifts pride electricity, Internet and low-voltage connections for interactive experiments. “In addition, the safety of the learners is ensured by a special safety splash guard that can be extended from the teacher’s desk and further protection is provided by the laboratory cabinet in the chemistry rooms, therefore experiments can be carried out behind the safety screen and harmful substances and vapours are eliminated immediately,” she explained.

She stated that the former laboratory equipment and functional furniture was donated to the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture for use in governmental educational institutions throughout the country and future cooperation with Universities, alumni and scientists are envisaged, underlining the project as an investment in Namibia’s future.

“Not only with regard to the optimal preparation of DHPS alumni for their professional careers, but also to the interaction of the organizations in the name of sciences,” she concluded.

Heilke Daun, Chairlady of the DHPS School Board and Burghardt Grimm, Parents Council Chairman at DHPS cutting the ribbon during the official inauguration ceremony of the science labs

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