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Seriously injured patients continue to receive support through MVA’s tailor made rehabilitation programme

Seriously injured patients continue to receive support through MVA’s  tailor made rehabilitation programme

The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) recognises that the path to an independent life is not easy, hence it remains their priority to ensure that Seriously Injured Patients (SIPs) receive optimal support through their journey.

In support of the SIPs, the Fund this week said they will  continue to enhance the quality of life and restore human dignity of SIPs through theirs intensive tailor made rehabilitation programme.

MVA’s Chief Corporate Affairs, Surihe Gaomas-Guchu in a statement said in 2020, the Fund recorded 182 severely injured cases including spinal cord injuries (SCIs) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), but due to COVID-19 disruption, only 18 patients with SCIs were rehabilitated to functionality or independence.

One such claimant is 10 year old Alex Shivute, (not his real name), who currently lives with his aunt and father in Windhoek.

Gaomas-Guchu said Alex was involved in a head on collision on 12 August 2020 and suffered poly-trauma with spinal cord injury, therefore he has to rely on others to carry out daily activities such as eating, dressing, bathing and using the bathroom.

“However, Alex has regained his independence after months of intensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy sessions with the incredible strength and will to recover at such a young age, coupled with the diligent support of the Fund’s Rehabilitation Team and his family. He is now able to eat, bath and dress himself, but his biggest rehabilitation was for him to return to school,” she added.

Furthermore, she said the Fund modified Alex’s family house in Soweto to help him live independently and as practically safe as possible.

“I am happy for what MVA Fun did for me, it paid my medical bills, fixed my house and gave me a wheelchair so that I can go back to school,” said Alex, while his  father also lauded the Fund for their support during their ordeal, further urging the Fund to continue assisting road crash survivors.

“I am happy with the support provided to my son ever since the accident occurred, he was in ICU for almost two months and I though he would never be the same again, but now after rehabilitation my son is a happy boy who likes throwing ball with other children,” emphasised his father.

In line with its commitment to rehabilitate all seriously injured persons and return them to independence,  Gaomas-Guchu said the Fund continues to monitor and evaluate the progress of all SIPs, which is to ensure that they reach their optimal level of function after a motor vehicle crash.

Entrance to Alex’s house modified from stairs to ramp for easy and safe access

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