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Namibia imports over 1,000 cattle from Botswana for slaughter

Namibia imports over 1,000 cattle from Botswana for slaughter

Namibia is recovering from a devastating drought as from 2013 and with the good rains received, the industry is focused on herd rebuilding.

The extensive impact of the drought is witnessed by the sharp decline in marketing numbers. Of this the major impact is with formal slaughtering and as a result abattoirs are forced to look at alternative sources of supply.

According to the Meat Board of Namibia, Botswana was identified as such a source due to their similar environmental conditions and a Foot-and-mouth disease free zone to that of Namibia.

In addition, the Botswana government has temporarily lifted its moratorium on live exports and Namibian abattoirs may take advantage of it.

“However, only male animals may be imported from Botswana’s  free Foot and Mouth Disease Zone subject to strict import requirements of the Namibian Directorate Veterinary Services,” the Meat Board stated.

From a preliminary application of a total of 1,904 cattle, 1,389 cattle have already been imported for slaughter at the local abattoirs, the Meat Board said.


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