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OnawaMed expands footprint countrywide

OnawaMed expands footprint countrywide

Since its product launch in 2020, OnawaMed, underwritten by Trustco Life, has made incredible strides in its reach with13 designated service providers countrywide currently.

The northern regions equally remain a very strong component of the service leg of OnawaMed. Trustco Life successfully launched OnawaMed as an affordable and unique medical insurance product in May 2020.

The product provides access and cover against the costs of consultations at private medical doctors.

It is no secret that traditional medical cover is not affordable to the average Namibian. In 2019 it was revealed that expenditure in healthcare, which is influenced by the annual inflation in medical fees, has consistently exceeded the Namibia consumer price index for the past years.

OnawaMed, aims to unlock medical care by selected private doctors and pharmacies to the average Namibian at an affordable premium.

OnawaMed offers insured members access to 15 private doctors’ consultations and 15 generic acute medication prescriptions per year. This product is available to members country-wide through an expanded network of service providers, being doctors and pharmacies.

The product provide cover to the main member and up to 4 dependents and also includes a Free Funeral benefit for all.

“We want to urge all prospective and current clients to make use of these facilities. Health care remains the cornerstone of quality of life of our citizens, we will do our part in ensuring OnawaMed meets that criteria,” said Head of Trustco Life, Annette Brand.


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