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Dignity care packs donated to gender violence and femicide survivors

Dignity care packs donated to gender violence and femicide survivors

Distell Namibia last week handed over Dignity Care Packs to the One Economy Foundation, through their Never In Our Name (NION) Gender Violence and Femicide prevention and support platform.

The platform aims to unite socially responsible citizens to actively oppose individuals who commit gender violence and femicide.

Distell said they believe that gender violence and femicide does not only affect the individuals who have suffered these atrocities but also affects and negatively impacts the nations as a whole.

The packs included general items such as; body lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, face cloths, plasters, sanitary products, wet wipes, tissues and many more items.

“We distribute the dignity packs to gender violence and femicide victims who often end up in shelters and safe homes without any personal care items,” they added.

Distell said even though this assistance will be a once off initiative they will continue their strive against gender violence and femicide with their internal NION drive.

“We have formulated a statement for those who take it upon themselves to pledge, to improve understanding of gender-based violence and femicide and support those who are impacted by it, to support men and women to end the cycle of abuse relationships and to take action against gender violence and femicide,” they added.

“This is our time to make a difference and we hope this inspires everyone to stand up against and report acts of gender-based violence and femicide,” they concluded.


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