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Windhoek’s DoBox helps budding coders realise their dream

Windhoek’s DoBox helps budding coders realise their dream

In late 2020, DoBox conceived and launched a project called CodeCave, a room and presentation area which has welcomed entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and small businesses to use its dedicated ICT space in Windhoek and think big in terms of their activities.

One forward-thinking organisation using the CodeCave to its advantage is the Ndjuluwa Academy, which is now able to offer a highly demanded coding course.

Ndjuluwa Academy CEO and Head Teacher, Helvi Shinedima explains why. “Although we currently have computer literacy as an extramural course, we can now offer specific coding classes, for which there was an overwhelming amount of interest from our learners. Until joining DoBox’s CodeCave, we lacked the facilities that would help our learners unlimit their potential in the tech landscape but, with the quality connection that Paratus provides to CodeCave, both our teachers and learners may now not only improve their computer skills but also satisfy their curiosity around coding.”

In October 2020, only a month after CodeCave opened, the academy was able to increase its offering of coding classes to school-going children as well as to the Namibia College of Open Learning (NAMCOL). In just five months, eight students, aged between 11 and 21, are now taking the coding class and the academy expects more to come on board with this course soon.

Helvi says that young people wanting to develop their skills and ultimately work in the tech ecosystem are seriously challenged if they do not have access to a suitable venue, modern computer equipment and good trainers. “They are even more challenged if they don’t have a quality and always-on internet connection. CodeCave at DoBox is giving academy learners and budding coders the perfect space to learn and flourish by eliminating these challenges.”

Paratus Namibia MD Andrew Hall, said: “We are so excited to see so many young ICT individuals using the CodeCave location, supported by our fast and reliable internet connection. We are firmly committed to helping our future entrepreneurs push the boundaries.”

“Success is self-accountability and a little bit of environmental assistance.”said Helvi Shinedima, CEO and Head Teacher at the Ndjuluwa Academy.


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