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Desert Dash gets record-breaking registration

“With 100 solo on-line entries being registered and confirmed within a week of opening, the stage was set for yet another record breaking registration timing for the 2man and 4man on-line registrations which took place at the end of July and mid-August respectively,” said Aidan de Lange, organizer of the FNB Desert Dash which is set to take place on 13 and 14 December 2013.
De Lange said, opening at 10:00 sharp on the scheduled day, the 85 x 2man entries where concluded in less than 26 seconds, while the 25 x 4man entries were booked and confirmed within 6 seconds.
“This is without a doubt, one of the fastest on-line registration processes yet, ” De Lange said.
FNB’s Dixon Norval, Head of Corporate Communications and Marketing said that with the approximately 370 riders already confirmed, the balance of 160 sponsor riders will make up the total rider compliment of just over 500 cyclists to depart from Windhoek on Friday 13 December 2013.
“FNB will enter five teams to ride under our banner. In addition, there are two development teams which are to benefit from an FNB sponsorship to undertake this grueling cycling event and we will announce these in due course,” he said.
De Lange concluded: “With FNB Namibia as title sponsor of the Desert Dash, the organizers of the 2013 event will endeavour to present the riders with a top-shelf event complete with the challenge of a life-time. To cycle across the Namib outback’s in 24hrs at a full distance of 369km, the solo riders can be proud to have committed themselves to undertaking the longest single stage 24hr mountain bike race in the world.”

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