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Marine centre to expand services

Martin Tjipute, PhD student and His Excellency, President Hifikepunye PohambaThe University of Namibia’s plans to relocate the fisheries and aquatic sciences department from Windhoek to Henties Bay will not take place this year as planned initially.
The relocation of the department from the university’s main campus to the Sam Nujoma Marine and Coastal Resource Research Centre (SANUMARC) at the coastal town forms an important component of the institution’s marine service network.
According to Prof Ediso Omoregie, director of SANUMARC, it was initially planned that the centre would expand its activities as from 2012, such expansion would be driven by the relocation of the department of fisheries and aquatic sciences.
“This relocation entails that the country’s training in fisheries and aquatic sciences by the University of Namibia will be carried out at the centre. This is expected to bring the training of an estimated 60 young Namibians and other nationalities close to the coast, thereby taking full advantage of the unique Benguela Current System,” he said.
It is envisaged that the expansion of the marine centre and department will offer specialist support services including training and research in an attempt to expand its activities, growth and to offer a wider range of integrated services to its clients.
In addition, the centre will also serve as the Namibian coordinating partner for the SPACES programme. SPACES is a joint initiative involving South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Germany.
“This is a multi-billion dollar project being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and several other international institutions,” said Omoregie.
He added that the mandate of the centre’s activities are being guided by the Strategic Management Action Plan and balance scorecard, which is in line with the University of Namibia’ Strategic Management Plan.
The National Planning Commission has registered this relocation as a national project.

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