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11 learners benefit from the central bank’s bursary scheme

11 learners benefit from the central bank’s bursary scheme

Eleven learners were recently awarded bursaries by the Bank of Namibia’s bursary scheme at an event held last week.

The beneficiaries will be studying in various disciplines ranging from Actuarial Science, Cyber Security, Financial Mathematics, Chartered Accounting, Computer Science and Education specialising in Mathematics and Science.

These promising students will be undertaking undergraduate studies at credible institutions of higher learning in Namibia and the SADC region and the courses they will be studying form part of key skills needed in the transformation of the financial sector, and the overall development aspirations of the country.

The bursary scheme of the Bank caters for registration, tuition and accommodation fees, books, living related costs for the duration of studies and a return flight ticket for those admitted outside the country.

The Bank of Namibia’s bursary scheme also includes recipients from marginalized communities so that they too can participate meaningfully as equal citizens in the Namibian house and contribute to ploughing back and uplifting their communities out of dire circumstances and poverty.

Governor of the Bank of Namibia, Johannes !Gawaxab, stated that the Bank believes in an inclusive approach to identifying the potential of promising youths and assisting them to transform their lives and become productive and successful citizens.

To date, the Bank has availed 112 undergraduate bursaries to students who have completed their studies and are now making the Bank proud as they have taken up prominent professional and leadership positions within the Bank of Namibia and in other sectors of the Namibian economy.

It is worth mentioning that the Bank also avails bursaries to post-graduate students and to date, the Bank has sponsored a total of 21 post-graduate bursaries at Master’s and PhD level.

Lea Namoloh, Director: Human Resources (far left) and Johannes !Gawaxab, Governor, Bank of Namibia (far right) together with some of the bursary recipients in the middle.

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