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White swakara sets price record

Agra sold all the swakara pelts it sent to the September pelt auction in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the highest-ever average price in Namibia Dollar of N$2 534.54 per pelt for a bundle of white pelts.
The total offer of 55 899 Swakara pelts was sold at this auction on 8 September 2013.  The average price of N$646.88 is a decrease of 7.19% on the N$696.97 achieved at the April 2013 auction.
Agra said the pelt offer consisted of 40,263 black, 10,534 white, 4302 grey and 800 diverse pelts.
The highest price ever achieved for white Swakara was N$2,534.54 for a lot of 52 KF Selected Extra pelts, purchased by Roman Melikhov of Roma-Furs from Russia. The highest price for black pelts in Namibia Dollar was N$1856.71 for a lot of 82 O Light Selected Extra pelts, bought by Athanasios Konstantinou of Kastoria Greece.
The pelt offer was bought by 24 buyers with other prospective buyers bidding, but not being successful. The biggest buyer of swakara was the company Astropel from Greece who purchased 19,286 pelts. Greece this time bought the most pelts, with Italy in second place and the agents from England third.
The tendency of buyers being very selective was again clear with the price gap between higher and lower grades growing wider even more. Good quality pelts fetched excellent prices while the price for lower grade pelts decreased further. The biggest drop in price were with the spotted pelts which is a correction of the very high prices the spotted pelts fetched over the last few auctions.
The top Namibian producer (with more than 250 pelts) at this auction was Danie Visser from Mariental who sold 301 pelts at an average of N$835.28. The top South African producer was Koos Kotze of Postmasburg who achieved an average price of R798.65 for 437 pelts.

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