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Germany pumps over N$100 million into Namibia’s defence

Germany pumps over N$100 million into Namibia’s defence

The German Ambassador Herbert Beck and the Executive Director in the Ministry of Defence, Trephine Kamati, this week signed a new agreement worth over N$100 million into Germany’s equipment aid programme, for the period 2021 to 2024.

The funding from the equipment aid programme will be for the construction of a mobile command post for the Standby Force SADC, as part of the Namibian Defence Force’s cooperation.

The funds will also see the continuation of support of the central support element for peace missions, especially the part of vocational training and the continuation of the development of a central medical school.

Support will also be given to the School of Military Science, which is part of University of Namibia, in the field of academic training. The program budget foresees more than N$103 million for the implementation of these projects.

Germany’s equipment aid program serves as a partnership with the armed forces of selected countries in Africa, with the aim to jointly promote and build up capacities that are essential for peacekeeping in these countries; as well as their contribution in the context of operations by SADC, the African Union and the United Nations, in its effort to achieve and maintain peace and stability in the region and on the African continent.

Namibia has been a partner in this program since 1993. The program is divided into periods of four years each in which joint projects that have been agreed in previous joint negotiations are implemented. Between 1993 and 2020, Namibia has received over N$500 million (€ 30 million) from the programme.

The programme has seen the implementation of major defence projects since 1993 to 2020, including; the construction of a facility for the destruction of ammunition and explosives in Walvis Bay; the establishment of a training workshop () automotive mechanics in the Osona Military Base; the establishment of a driving school for the training of drivers of the armed forces of Namibia and the establishment of a sick bay and a car workshop in Oshivelo.

Additionally, the construction of a mobile field hospital, with focus on the core areas such as laboratory, theater, intensive-care medicine, x-ray, dentistry and emergency room as well as a mobile production facility for medical oxygen, were part of the programme.

Included is also the drinking water treatment plant which can process drinking water from salt and contaminated fresh water sources. A pharmacy, sanitary facilities, a laundry, accommodation and a kitchen are further elements of this mobile field hospital in the Osona Military Base.

Through the programme, the a central support element for peace- keeping missions in the Osona Military Base was established.

In addition to vehicle workshops for vehicles of all kinds, this also includes a workshop for medical technology, as well as a vocational training area. As of 2021, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, air conditioning technicians, welders and plumbers) will be trained there and who can finish their training with a civilian degree.

German Ambassador Herbert Beck and the Executive Director in the Ministry of Defense, Trephine Kamati.

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