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Bank warns of cellphone scam

As more phishing scams continue to surface, Bank Windhoek has warned its clients against a new SMS scam also referred to as SmiShing (SMS and Phishing).
In the latest scam, clients receive a SMS on their cellphone purported to have been send from “Bank Windhoek Internet Banking.”
The SMS which is currently circulating reads: “Reference number NA 133. Your mailbail has won N$300,000 from South Africa Powerball Lottery. Call Mr. Paul for more information. Tel: +27 71 7059937, E-mail: [email protected]
Wilfried Hähner, communication practitioner of reputation management marketing and corporate communication services at Bank Windhoek, warns that this is a fraudulent SMS and clients are requested not to react to such SMSes, even if they look authentic.
Bank Windhoek will under no circumstances communicate personal information with clients via SMS and email nor will clients be requested to submit confidential information to the bank, he said.
“Clients should never react to any SMS or email requesting them to update or verify their account details. Please note that Bank Windhoek cannot accept responsibility for financial loss if a client has given his personal information out of free will to a fraudster,” Hähner said.
He said that thorough definitions and examples of SmiShing scams can be found on Wikipedia and Webopedea web pages.
“If you have received any suspicious SMSes or e-mails relating to Bank Windhoek, please immediately contact Bank Windhoek’s Electronic Channel Division on Tel: (061) 299 1881, or (061) 299 1882, or alternatively send an email to [email protected],” Hähner added.

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