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Be grateful for a “stable democracy”, Geingob tells Namibians

Be grateful for a “stable democracy”, Geingob tells Namibians

The President HE Dr. Hage Geingob said Namibians must be grateful to be living in a stable democracy, in which “the people can aspire to improve their livelihoods and hope for a better tomorrow.”

Geingob made the statement during the opening of the Legal Year 2021, on Wednesday, adding that as a constitutional imperative the three organs of state (Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary) are imbued with the responsibility to interact for the benefit of the collective good of the Namibian people.

“It is clear however, that they do this conscious of the clear division of responsibilities in their respective core functions, and with the intent to prevent the concentration of power and provide for checks and balances. This principle is sacrosanct and key to the functioning of the Namibian government. As a hallmark conception of our constitutional democracy, the Executive is not taking its role in ensuring that the three organs of State are separate and act independently lightly,” the President said.

Namibians too, Geingob added, must safeguard this democratic principle and not contribute to dilute its value.

Geingob further admitted that the limited resources in the justice system have a negative effect on the ability of the judiciary to execute on its mandate with speed and fairness. He encouraged private legal practitioners to do more pro bono work through outreach programmes in remote areas where the need is the greatest

Geingob, in this regard, acknowledged that there are delays in the finalising of the review of the Legal Practitioners Act, which is an important catalyst in introducing some aspects of the pro bono culture and to redefining legal practice in scope and nature for the betterment of society through increased access to justice.

“It is my hope that this too shall be finalized soon in order to provide much needed relief to our indigent communities,” he said.

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