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Agra launches online agricultural academy

Agra launches online agricultural academy

By Clifton Movirongo.

Agra, through Agra ProVision launched an online, brand-new technology-driven local agricultural academy, which works closely with both industry partners and suppliers to develop specific training for the country’s agricultural sector.

The academy offers a special, e-learning platform, which provides students the opportunity to study at their own pace, from the comfort of their home environment.

It is an ideal platform for senior secondary scholars, school leavers, farmers and employed individuals.

“The Agra Agricultural Academy offers a unique opportunity for anyone looking to earn qualifications, skills and practical knowledge in the field of agriculture, with a wide range of certificate programmes and diplomas,” the company said in a statement.

All agricultural qualifications are developed by the International Agricultural Academy for Africa with input from Agra ProVision. The qualifications are then offered online via the internet through e-learning programs.

The company’s aim is to address the many challenges that Namibians face when trying to access high quality agricultural training courses.

The online programs are also supported through practical training from industry leaders. “Agri-pedia is an Internet Technology computer platform that presents all information in text, video, animation and graphic format and makes the transfer of information refreshing and visually understandable. All content is adjusted where needed to ensure that it is relevant to Namibian conditions,” they added.

The academy was created by the professional consultancy business division of Agra, Agra Provision which is committed to fulfilling its mandate of “creating a smart Namibia.”

Agra ProVision hopes to improve the technical skills and practical abilities of Agra’s core client-base, as a means to improve the productivity and the overall business success of its clientele.

“The first Namibian candidates will graduate from the inaugural 2020 i3A intake in January 2021. The next intake for student programmes in 2021 is currently open. Contact [email protected] or phone +264 61 290 9208 for more information,” they concluded.


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