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Equality for deaf people

It is again that time of the year when deaf people around the world gather together to celebrate International Week of the Deaf. Just like the rest of the world, Namibia celebrates the week by creating awareness in the general public about the unique impairment deaf people have to deal with.
This year’s theme according to the World Federation of the Deaf focuses on equality for deaf people, amongst deaf people and promoted by deaf people.
As a way of recognising and promoting linguistic, artistic, social, political and cultural contributions and accomplishments by the deaf, the Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia (CLaSH) will be screening a series of films about deafness, deaf culture and sign language at the Goethe Centre. In an interview with the Economist, Head of the Centre for Communication and Deaf Studies, Lizette Beukes said the awareness campaign will run for the whole month across the world, however, most local events such as the film screening will take place during the second week of September.
“The films are classic feature films with deaf actors playing lead roles. They are scheduled to run from Monday 09 September to Friday 13 September at the Goethe Centre for a charge of N$10,” she said.
Beukes said the centre plans to go to both print and electronic media houses to create awareness among the public. The topics will range from how to take care of your ears to signs of hearing loss.With regard to this year’s theme CLaSH invites current, past and future parents of deaf children to a meeting at the pre–school on Saturday, 14 September.
“They will hear the life stories of deaf adults and then do some group work discussing what they themselves could do to help and support their deaf children,” said Heide Beinhauer of CLaSH. By doing so, this campaign looks towards the future with a clear vision with renewed energies for creating positive change in local communities worldwide. Also during Deaf Awareness Week with a generous sponsorship from Standard Bank, CLaSH will launch the new calendar for 2014. The event takes place on Tuesday, 10 September at 10h00 at the Theatre School.

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